“MetaTrieve allows me to use normal business terms when looking for where data is located at my client company.  I do not need to bother client staff to know what platform, database and table hold the information I am interested in.  I do not need to know the syntax of the database objects and elements.  From my standpoint, this saves my time and client time and thus saves money for the client.”  

Gayathri Sankaranarayanan, Analyst, Tech Mahindra

“MetaTrieve is sort of a Google for databases.  You type in ‘campaign date’ and it finds all references to all variations of it in the company (providing you have general DB user permissions).  Then you can query or drill down on the actual campaign data.  It can be a real productivity tool.”

 Jess Mendoza, Business Analyst, Mazda

"I needed to find information about my client's pricing quotes on the eCommerce and Marketing servers.  I did not know the database, table or columns that held this data.  With MetaTrieve, I found the data and exported into Excel in less than a minute.  This could have taken me hours before, using model diagrams, database browsers or catalogs.  MetaTrieve is a productivity dream."

Jack Chen, Solutions Architect, Experian

"I have been using MetaTrieve to assist me in doing my day-to-day job and it has been a great boost to my productivity.     I need to run many queries in the course of a day/week and this tool has enabled me to search for existence of data elements without prior knowledge of the exact DB2 data element name and also perform word searches on multiple DB2 tables to find all the places where a data element exists. I can also get query results much more quickly to an Excel spreadsheet.  I highly recommend the tool."

Gail Hockerman, Data Warehouse Architect 

"I must say I’m very impressed with this software.  It is very user friendly and fast.  I would highly recommend MetaTrieve to any consultants/contractors who are always faced with the challenge of locating specific data/information at new client sites."  

 Han Moon, Director Media Analytics, RAPP

“MetaTrieve is a unique tool for finding and accessing company-wide data. I can search and query both mainframe and server databases with ease. My client’s customer databases are too large for mere table browsing and our data names too varied for catalog scans. MetaTrieve relieves the analyst and consultant of the work tracking down and querying information.”

Dan Kendziorski, Director CRM, Experian

“With this software, I no longer have to depend on ‘the keepers of the tables’ to help find and pull database table data.  It’s fast and easy to use.  With MetaTrieve on my laptop, I am independent; I have the ‘keys to the data kingdom.’  Thanks for the program.”

Edison Callegari III, Director, Performance Systems

“I have been in data processing for 25 years and have often contracted with companies as an analyst and been asked to define existing systems. I have had to investigate multiple databases in many formats on multiple platforms taking literally weeks of time. 'MetaTrieve' had it existed would have saved me many weeks of searching and frustration. It would have allowed me to analyze data on all platforms, in all databases that related to my system. This is perhaps the most useful new tool to come along in more than a decade and I wholly recommend it.” 

James A. Gicas, Programmer/Analyst, Synertech